About the Match

Des Moines Rugby traveled four hours with 26 active players to take on the Columbia Outlaws in Columbia, Mo. This match was a gritty win for Des Moines with both teams trading tries and hard hits. Des Moines jumped to a 10 point lead seeing tries from John Gausman and Will Rotza. Columbia answered the bell bringing the score 10-7. John Gausman got his second try of the match pushing the lead to 17-7 after a conversion by Ethan Berg. Columbia scored another try but missed the conversion kick. 17-12. Badih Delati scored his first try of the spring season from 5 meters out. Josef Whitaker scored his first try as a member of the Des Moines team. The lead after his try and made conversion was 29-12. Columbia refused to go away quietly and scored a try of their own. Tim Schafer recorded his first try for Des Moines and brought the lead up to 36-19. After the final whistle the score was 36-26 with Des Moines coming out on top.

Match Stats


John Gausman (2)

William Rotza

Tim Schafer

Badih Delati

Josef Whitaker


Josef Whitaker (1 of 1)

Ethan Berg (2 of 5)


Starting XV

  1. Logan Kraft
  2. Badih Delati
  3. Tim Schafer
  4. Jason Calhoun
  5. Chris Ulfrets
  6. Austin VanBalen
  7. Adam Hernandez
  8. Will Rotza
  9. Brian Young
  10. Ethan Berg
  11. John Gausman
  12. Alejandro Munoz
  13. Ben Dickerson
  14. Rick Blake
  15. Zak Randles


Reserves:  Randy Mundt, Andrew Ward, Travis Davis, Josef Whitaker, Nate Tystahl, Nathan Chambers, Bryan Belling, Colton Redford, Eddy Tapia, Jeff Tomkowitz, Allen Tessmer

Match Location

Field Location TBD